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We will do our best to answer any questions on a timely basis and those that seem to be of general interest will be posted here.

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Some of our posts may be controversial but they are simply the expression of our opinion on a question.  We are always open to be shown a more excellent way, which should be the purpose of any comments.

God bless you!

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  1. Billy says:

    Hi, I just want a bit of clarity on the Godhead, when you say Jesus was body,soul and spirit, does that suggest that he had another spirit beside the Spirit of God in him? Who was Jesus Christ before the incarnation at the baptism? Bro Branham says that Jesus was God in his soul, so how do we the connect this to the Spirit of God leaving Jesus at Gethsemane? Lastly when Bro Branham says that Michael was christ, is this a manifestation of christ, I am not sure I understand what he means. If you can please respond me back by e-mail

  2. Michael says:

    Would like to ask you a question about William Branham and Zionism (based on this article on your site: http://wp.believethesign.com/archives/14):

    3. My main question concerns your book’s claim that WMB used the Scofield Reference Bible. I know this version is controversial, and so I was surprised that a prophet would use something whose author was so mired in questionable monetary dealings. Did he really accept this version of the Bible? More importantly, the Scofield Bible is used by most of the Christian Zionist churches and organizations, who believe its doctrine of dispensationalism explains (and justifies) the rise of Zionism and the modern State of Israel. Did WMB say anything about Zionism or the State of Israel, which was founded 17 years before his tragic death at the age of 56 on Christmas Eve 1965? The reason I ask is that a follower of WMB in Australia, named Anthony Grigor-Scott, publishes many anti-Jewish and anti-Zionistic essays in his Newsletters. I wonder if WMB really used the Scofield Bible (which Mr. Grigor-Scott also opposes) perhaps WMB did not oppose Zionism or view the State of Israel and Jewish People with the kind of malice that Grigor-Scott manifests in his writings?

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