Message Books Now Available on the Amazon Kindle

Recently, Voice of God Recordings issued a 14 volume e-book version of the Sermons of William Marrion Branham for the Amazon Kindle. 

These e-books generally cover one year of messages per volume, with the exception of the earliest messages which constitute one volume of sermons from 1947-1952.

Using the Kindle is a great way to read as it allows simple searches, which some other e-book readers (such as the Sony Reader) do not.  VoG has set a fair price for the entire set at just under $30 ($1.99 per volume).  You can also purchase various Bibles and biblical commentaries at reasonable prices.

The Message volumes and books you purchase for the Kindle can be used on up to 8 other devices, such as the iPad (under the Kindle for iPad), the iPhone (Kindle for iPhone) and/or a PC (Kindle for PC) or other Kindles.

It is hoped that the sermons transcribed by Rev. David Mamalis will also be made available on the Kindle and other e-book readers.

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